LB2 Design Projects

Prodigi Humanware

Prodigi™ is the first Personal Vision Assistant that is both a desktop and handheld magnifier. Industrial design for Technologies Humanware Inc. Winner of Silmo d’or 2013


pneumatic control box

FlexiVent FX Scireq

The flexiVent™ FX is an integrated platform for advanced preclinical pulmonary research. Industrial design for SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment Inc.

Stadia Ducharme Seating

Stadia is a fixed seat system designed for sports complexes for indoor and outdoor applications. Industrial design for Ducharme Seating International Inc.

Guitar Sidekick Castiv

Guitar Sidekick™ attach your smart phone to your guitar securely. Works with most devices including all iPhones, iPods, Blackberries and Androids smartphones. Industrial design for Groupe Castiv Média Inc.

TremoFlo C-100 Thorasys

The tremoFlo™ C-100, the world’s first Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS™) is a novel method for measuring lung function without patient effort. Industrial design for THORASYS Thoracic Medical Systems Inc.

Old Town Canoe kayak seat system

Old Town Canoe® kayak seat system. Industrial design for Lefko Produits de Plastique Inc. Tête Cœur Main 2009, recognition of exemplary collaboration between designers and corporations.


With a FanVision® controller, you can choose from multiple camera angles, replays, audio, real-time stats and more at the race track. Industrial design for FanVision® Entertainment LLC

Kangaroo TV

Kangaroo TV leads the live event to a whole new dimension. This portable device provides live stats, audio and video content at sporting events. Industrial design for Kangaroo Media Inc. Best inventions 2006, TIME Magazine

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LB2 Design traduit sa passion et son expertise du design industriel dans la conception, le développement et l’amélioration de produits dont l’ingéniosité, l’ergonomie et l’esthétisme les projettent à l’avant-plan de leur marché.